Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the good part of my mother's day

*note* this subject is gonna take one more post haha.. i forgot my camera but I have the ones on my phone.

First off, I got up at about 6:30ish on Sunday morning and i make miss Brynlee baby a bottle and then i say to nick.. hunnnyy?? it's mother's day, can i go back to sleep while you take care of baby? he said yes and i went back to bed! wahoo.. that's a great present already! anyway, they both came in at about 9 to wake me up and these are adorable pictures I got.

i love you mama!

cutest smile ever! don't mind nick's head..haha.

just chillin' in my jammies.

love youuu.

that little girl has my entire heart.

after we had a little photo shoot, we got ready and went out to lunch.. lol that's where our story stops today because, i forgot my camera and that's where those pictures are. mmmkay??

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