Monday, June 29, 2009

welp... daddy is MAD!

you don't understand yet but you soon will.... daddy is a RAIDERS FAN. huge. you can take a look around your room and notice that daddy is making you a raiders fan too... and that's fine. haha.. i'm okay with it BUT.. grandma jan bought you something from HER team and daddy HAAAATES them. it's the Broncos. She just wants a few pictures with you in the outfit.. well, i took a few right now and daddy found them! lol.. he's STILL mad at me. hahaha... well, it's for grandma and i don't care. i'll take more later, when daddy isn't looking.

(there is daddy's raiders blanket behind you)

hey sweetie!

just takin' a few pictures over the weekend. i love you sweetie and you're ADORABLE!

you make mama sooo happy! i love you!

you got some squash all over your face and clothes!

love you babe.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


wellll! sweetheart you won! Pleasant Grove's baby contest. First place in the 4-6 month category.

For the judges you were great, you did your little camera trick! :] sooo cute! but towards the end you were soooo tired and sooo hungry! poor baby! i'm sorry sweetie! these are the only pictures i got because well... that's about all you could handle and it's obvious that you didn't "handle" it well. haha..

These are all the winners with the rodeo queens. You're hidden.. haha

oops.. you're not too happy!

it's okay baby girl! you won!

we get to be in the parade on saturday! yayyy! come see us! :]

You got a little trophy

i love you baby! i'm so proud of you!!!!


you're going to be in the PG baby contest today! i'm wishing you luck baby girl!!! I'll take tons of pictures and you'll be the first to see em! :)

i love you!!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

okay.. i'd like to let you know....

that at this point in your life. you hate swimming.

we found this out over the weekend. it was so terrible i didn't even get the camera out. haha.. i was so so sad that you didn't like it! you love your baths baby girl, why didn't you like the pool!? oh well... everyone from work was there to see you swim but they were disappointed when you didn't like it.

oh well... maybe later. i guess you are only 4 months old.

anyway remember I love you sweetie.

love you!!!!

mommy loves you baby girl!